Guidelines for Estimating Aquaculture Production Costs 2018 in Manitoba

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By Milthon Lujan

Canada.- This guide is designed to provide you with planning information and a format for calculating costs of production of an aquaculture (20g to 2kg) grow-out
enterprise in Manitoba. General Manitoba Agriculture recommendations are assumed in using feed and operating inputs. These figures provide an economic evaluation of the fish stock and estimated prices required to cover all costs. Costs include labour, investment and depreciation, but do not include management costs, nor do they necessarily represent the average cost of production in Manitoba.


These budgets will be more accurate putting in your own figures. As a producer you are encouraged to calculate your own costs of production. The assumptions on which the costs are based are outlined in the supporting pages. These assumptions were arrived at using the fish stock, management practices, and facilities seen in modern, well managed aquaculture operations of comparable size in Manitoba. Productivity and performance assumptions are based on information collected by department specialists, feed companies and other organizations. Where individual productivity and performance levels differ from those listed, adjustments will be required.

Aquaculture (20g to 2kg) Grow-out Cost of Production


The following 20 g to 2 kg budget is based on the assumption that the operation is comprised of a well designed and built recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) housed in a building with adequate insulation to maintain a relatively stable environment with close to optimal water temperature for cool water aquaculture throughout the year in Manitoba conditions.

The Manitoba aquaculture production industry is small and many external factors must be considered carefully by potential producers. External factors such as procuring inputs and securing markets create business risk. Some feed companies that operate in Manitoba are associated with leading aquaculture feed manufacturers and some companies in Manitoba participate in processing and marketing fish. Producers need to develop these arrangements and accurately calculate their costs before they can properly make a decision.

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Manitoba Agriculture Office. Guidelines for Estimating Aquaculture Production Costs 2018 in Manitoba. 16 p. 

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