Acceso gratuito a los artículos más citados en pesca y acuicultura en revistas de editorial Wiley

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By Milthon Lujan

La editorial John Wiley permite el acceso a sus artículos más citados en ciencias acuáticos entre los años 2015 y 2016. El acceso libre está permitido hasta el 31 de octubre del 2017.

Los artículos a los cuales puede acceder y descargar de forma gratuita son:

Effect of dietary components on the gut microbiota of aquatic animals. A never-ending story?
Aquaculture Nutrition

Environmental and spatial processes: what controls the functional structure of fish assemblages in tropical rivers and headwater streams?
Ecology of Freshwater Fish

Explaining participation rates in recreational fishing across industrialised countries
Fisheries Management and Ecology

Length–weight relationships for four small fish species caught in wetlands of central Yangtze River, China
Journal of Applied Ichthyology

Probiotics, immunostimulants, plant products and oral vaccines, and their role as feed supplements in the control of bacterial fish diseases
Journal of Fish Diseases 

Current research on the use of plant-derived products in farmed fish
Aquaculture Research

Energy acquisition and allocation to egg production in relation to fish reproductive strategies
Fish and Fisheries

Synthesis: climate effects on biodiversity, abundance and distribution of marine organisms in the Benguela
Fisheries Oceanography

The determination of standard metabolic rate in fishes
Journal of Fish Biology

Alkalinity and Hardness: Critical but Elusive Concepts in Aquaculture
Journal of the World Aquaculture Society

Probiotic, prebiotic and synbiotic supplements in sturgeon aquaculture: a review
Reviews in Aquaculture

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