Telefónica Tech digitalises Stolt Sea Farm’s aquaculture farms with AI

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By Milthon Lujan

Stolt Sea Farm aquaculture farms
Stolt Sea Farm aquaculture farms

Telefónica Tech is developing a five-year plan that will allow Stolt Sea Farm to digitalise its production and have the capacity to predict the supply and demand of fish thanks to the application of advanced analytics with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Telefónica Tech, through its company Geprom and its Big Data and AI business line, has drawn up a plan to digitalise within five years the 14 aquaculture farms that Stolt Sea Farm, a leading company in land-based turbot and sole aquaculture with more than 50 years of history, has in Spain, Portugal, France, Iceland and Norway.


The plan designed by Telefónica Tech includes the development of a pioneering digital tool that will allow Stolt Sea Farm to optimise its business by giving it the capacity to predict the supply and demand of its fish. The tool will integrate various industrial digitalization platforms (WMS for warehouse management, MES for production digitalisation and APS for production and demand planning) with data collected at the plants and analysed with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning algorithms will provide Stolt Sea Farm with patterns to improve its planning, as advanced analytics will give it an estimate of customer orders and it will be able to manage more efficiently the fish to be slaughtered. You will also be able to optimise your processes to more accurately quantify the number of turbot and sole fingerlings you need to bring into the farms to ensure they reach the right size on time.

“We are very proud to have developed a pioneering analytics plan for Stolt Sea Farm that will help optimise its business margins. The application of technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence allows the industrial sector to rely on analysed data to make better decisions aimed at transforming their business models and making them more efficient and competitive,” says Dario Cesena, CEO of Geprom, Part of Telefónica Tech.

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“The digitization of both demand planning and our production processes, both in an integrated manner, will contribute to better service to our customers and better internal management of operational processes”, says Jorge Juan Alfonso, Food Operations Manager of Stolt Sea Farm.


The digitalization of Stolt Sea Farm’s aquaculture farms is one of the success stories that Telefónica Tech has addressed in the seventh edition of the Advanced Factories 2023 congress that is taking place in Barcelona between 18 and 20 April. Specifically, Darío Cesena (Geprom) and Jorge Juan Alfonso (Stolt Sea Farm) have explained in a presentation how the need to digitalise the aquaculture farms arose and how technology is helping the company to optimise its business.

Showcasing capabilities at Advanced Factories 2023

Telefónica Tech is also presenting its capabilities in IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applied to the sector through four demos at the international congress of Industry 4.0:

Lego Factory 4.0. The company represents a continuous manufacturing plant with LEGO, where all process parameters are monitored in real time with the company’s own IoT/MOM platform Legato.

Fab Lab 4.0. A discrete manufacturing plant is shown (the components are divisible) and attendees can act as operators and follow all the steps required to assemble an article. During the process all important manufacturing metrics are collected in the proprietary MES and Objective WMS systems.


5G remote-controlled robotics for environment monitoring. The ultra-low latency and high reliability 5G connection, coupled with Telefónica’s Edge Computing capability, enables remote tasks and control using state-of-the-art robotics.

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Disruption in preventive security connected with smart helmets. The NB-IoT/5G connectivity of the connected helmets of our partner LIVALL provides the worker with exhaustive control of air quality and temperature that allows them to manage evacuations, SOS detection in the event of a fall or any type of accident.

Telefónica Tech is also present at Advanced Factories 2023 with the participation of Javier Martínez Borreguero, head of Industry 4.0, in a round table on predictive maintenance with Artificial Intelligence and with an interview between Alfredo Serret, director of business development in IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech, and Manu Marín, CEO of LIVALL, to deepen on the connected helmet in Industry with a customer case.

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