Students of Aquaculture Banyuwangi Produce Pellet from Mustang Cactus Pleco

Indonesia.- Increasing population in Indonesia is proportional to the increasing demand for food. Common activities done to meet the needs of food in Indonesia is the development of agriculture and fish farming. So far, fish cultivation business has several problems. One of the most common complaints is the high price of commercial feed.

This problem inspired students of Aquaculture Program PSDKU Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi to innovate and make a fish feed product, home-made with a much cheaper price without reducing its nutritional content.

Under the guidance of Lailatul Lutfiah S.Pi, M.Si, lecturer of Unair in Banyuwangi, this team proposal successfully passed the selection of Dikti funding through Student Creativity Program Entrepreneurship (PKMK). The title of proposal “PULUT (Fortune Pellet from Mustang Cactus Pleco and Tofu Curbs) Product Innovation of Economic Protein Rich Fish Feed.”

The implementing team of PKM-K consists of five students of PSDKU UNAIR Banyuwangi, Yokhebed Tisda Januarista, Rizka Hardianti, Narendra Bagoes Lesmana Putra, Risalatul Khoiriyah, and Alba Shinta Kumalasari.

Yokhebed Tisda Januarista, leader of PKM-K team explained that his team used Mustang Cactus Pleco (Pseudacanthicus serratus) as the basic material of this fish pellet because the fish contains high protein and rarely used.

This pellet product has many advantages to compete in the market, such as unique and new product innovation, for the development of fishery field, and good aesthetic level with more affordable price.

The main target of PULUT is all fish farmers, both small, medium and industrial scale. Promotion and sales of this product can be through promotion to the public such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc., can also be done online through social media or directly (face to face).

“The existence of this PULUT product, is expected to reduce the problem of expensive commercial pellets in the market today. In the future our products will be marketed widely at affordable prices, so we believe that PULUT can create business opportunities that are very promising, “said Tisda.

Source: UNAIR

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