The Saudi Aquaculture Society attracts a number of Saudi girls with higher degrees to work in the genetic resources program in the Kingdom’s experience in the aquaculture sector

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By Milthon Lujan

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.- On the sidelines of the seventh Bio-security workshop held in Jeddah on Sunday, April 1. The Saudi Aquaculture society has handed over certificates to a number of Saudi girls who hold a master’s degree in micro-biology, which have recently been polarized to work with the association in the recently launched genetic assets programme of the Society.

The Secretary-General of the Society, Eng. Mohamed Al-Athaibi, handed over the certificates to the Saudi women employees after completing a specialized course in cooperation with the National Group for Aquaculture in Al-Leith on the safety of aquatic animals. The training program included practical application in the company’s shrimp and fish farming facilities, which lasted for two weeks.

This is the first time that Saudi Arabian girls are enrolled in the labour market in the kingdom’s aquaculture sector. This step is an activation of the outputs of the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, whose programmes include the focus of efforts to support the aquaculture sector. In the kingdom to achieve productivity of up to 600,000 tons of fishery products and provide thousands of jobs for Saudis of both sexes.

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