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By Milthon Lujan

UNEP-WCMC is pleased to launch Ocean+ Data, an online library of 183 ocean-related data resources to support informed decision-making for ocean conservation.


The ocean contains some of the most productive ecosystems, vast natural resources, and unique habitats on Earth. The ocean also plays a vital role in regulating the planet’s climate. However, the marine environment is facing many pressures, from the impacts of climate change and overfishing to the effects of pollution from microplastics and marine litter.

Ocean+ Data provides an overview of global marine and coastal data resources of biodiversity importance, as well as datasets of regional interest. It lists datasets, databases and data portals from a range of international scientific sources, and explains what these datasets show, how they can be used, their limitations and access details. Users can filter datasets by category, organisation and theme.

Ocean+ Data can be used to identify resources to support, among other things, marine spatial planning, environmental impact assessments, and education and ocean literacy.

Access Ocean+ Data here: 


Created as part of the Ocean+ Initiative, funded by the Proteus Partnership in collaboration with UNEP-WCMC, Ocean+ Data will be updated bi-annually, with suggestions and contributions welcome at any time. Please contact Juliette Martin at for more information.

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