NCRAC Announces New Extension Factsheets

Ames, Iowa — The North Central Regional Aquaculture Center (NCRAC) is pleased to announced the development of 10 new factsheets for the Center.

These factsheets were developed by regional and national experts with final editing and layout from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach staff. These publications are now available at as well as Extension Store ( The titles for these new publications are:

• Aquatic Invasive Species HACCP in Baitfish and Aquaculture Operations,

• Buildings for Aquaculture Operations,

• Conversion of Confined Animal Production Facilities and Other Unused Agriculture Buildings for Fish Culture.

• Introduction to Aquaculture in the North Central Region.

• Leadership Development Training for Aquaculture Producers,

• Instilling a Culture of Safety in Aquaculture,

• Small-Scale, Year-Round Shrimp Farming in Temperate Climates,

• The Seafood HACCP Regulation and Its Effects on Aquaculture,

• Understanding Fish Feed Labels, and

• Understanding the Veterinary Feed Directive Order in Aquaculture.

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