Furthering aquaculture innovations and technologies in Singapore

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By Milthon Lujan

Singapure.- As a research institute established in Singapore by James Cook University, TFI is focused on research and training in tropical aquaculture, particularly the sustainable production of aquaculture species.

These efforts are crucial in addressing the challenges faced by the world’s tropics, which include sustainable development and food production, as well as the impacts of climate change.

“The TFI is enabling JCU to further realise its ambitions as a major research and development institution in Singapore and we are particularly pleased to be able to deliver world-leading research in aquaculture, which will assist Singapore in achieving greater food security,” said Professor Chris Cocklin, Provost of James Cook University.

Under a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that spans three years, TFI and NUS will work together to discuss and develop a research collaboration in the area of agriculture technology and aquaculture technology innovation, and to identify other new opportunities for collaboration.

Professor Chris Rudd OBE, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of Campus, Singapore for James Cook University, commented, “The new partnership with NUS brings together world class engineers, data scientists and marine scientists to deliver something quite unique, that promises to deliver a step change in Singapore’s capacity for sustainable, high-quality protein. JCU is proud to be associated with yet another high profile collaboration that applies our innovative science to benefit society.”

TFI will also lend its considerable expertise in the domain of aquaculture to further agriculture technology and aquaculture technology innovation, as well as advise NUS on the design of an agriculture and aquaculture innovation relevant start-up space.

Commenting on James Cook University’s collaboration efforts, Professor Dean Jerry, Dean of Research for the Singapore campus of James Cook University, said, “We’re partnering with institutions in Singapore, trying to help Singapore achieve its food security and aspirations around aquaculture.”

He adds, “We’re also very keen to partner with institutions like NUS, to develop the next generation of aquaculture technologies and innovations, to help the industry grow, and be more sustainable and productive in the future.”

Professor Freddy Boey, Deputy President (Innovation and Enterprise) of NUS, supports this notion as he said, “This MOU will pave the way to bring the best researchers from both universities to collaborate synergistically in Agritech, an area of growing critical importance to Singapore.”

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Research: Professor Dean Jerry researchdean-singapore@jcu.edu.au

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