Asian Pacific Aquaculture APA 2019

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By Milthon Lujan

Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2019 is the International conference cum Expo organized by The World Aquaculture Society and hosted by Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University. APA19 dealt with all the aspects of aquaculture and imparted skill based professional education in different branches of Fisheries Sciences.

Over 67 countries from all over the world were represented in APA’19 and 3507 people have participated. The event has organized 74 Sessions including 12 Industrial sessions of International companies. Abstracts of 1013 have been presented, out of which 680 was oral presentation, 333 was poster presentation and 279 were student abstracts. Sessions and workshops at Asian-Pacific Aquaculture 2019 covered all aspects of aquaculture in India as well as Southeast Asia. Majority of the abstracts covered the areas of Nutrition and health which was held for all the 3 days.

The three- day exhibition featured international and Indian companies showcased the latest products, services, instruments and equipment for aquaculture management and all aquaculture related information to encourage sustainable aquaculture practices within the industry. The trade show has also been organized showcasing the various exciting business opportunities and new technologies in the aquaculture sector.

A total of 222 Booths have been exhibited in APA’19 tradeshow of which 75% are International. APA’19 gathered the students, academics, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and farmers from all over the world and helped them in gaining a wide exposure in the field of aquaculture.

You can download the abstracts in: https://www.was.org/meeting/code/APA2019 

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