aquaManager and Nueva Pescanova Group leading shrimp sector’s digital transformation

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By Milthon Lujan

Athens, Greece – aquaManager, the leading aquaculture management software and the multinational seafood giant Nueva Pescanova Group, are excited to announce the digitalization of production in the shrimp hatcheries of the group.

aquaManager and the Nueva Pescanova Group are excited to announce the successful implementation of a complete production management solution for the Vanammei Hatcheries of Promarisco and Camanica, part of Nueva Pescanova Group, located in Ecuador and Nicaragua respectively. This integrated project consists of the aquaManager system, customized to the needs of the group, mobile applications for real-time data collection, and an IoT device infrastructure.

This digital ecosystem, supports the complex processes of larval production, evaluates performance, and optimizes the results by promptly identifying patterns, trends, and areas of attention. The attractive and at the same time user-friendly interface of aquaManager combined with the intuitive mobile applications and seamless integration with water quality sensors, allows Promarisco and Camanica to digitize and homogenize data collection. With solid biological, production, and financial data analysis, team members have a common platform to communicate proactively and take the right decisions at the right time.

360 visibility and control over the production process, cost management and full traceability is how Pescanova ultimately benefits from the use of the aquaManager system. Increased performance comes together with sustainability of natural resources, a key concept in the group’s operational policy and in full alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Excited to partner with aquaManager, Guillermo Renancio Artal, Nueva Pescanova Director of Technology said, “We are really happy to use new technologies to manage the production across countries, benchmark performance, increase the quality of our products and improve sustainability. This project is an integral part of our shift towards the full digitalization of production and within the context of the digital transformation strategy of the Nueva Pescanova Group. We are excited to be pioneers and pave the way that other companies in the sector will certainly follow.”

aquaManager allows the management teams of Promarisco and Camanica to control the production in each company individually, but also provides consolidated information that Nueva Pescanova Group can use to engage in combined and collaborative production planning and resources allocation.

“The success of the project is a collaborative result. The cooperation with the production teams in Ecuador and Nicaragua was amazing, only to be matched by the dedication and commitment of the Group’s management and IT team” said Konstantinos Bovolis, Product Manager of aquaManager. “We worked very closely to analyze every aspect of the processes and proceed with an implementation that fits the way the Group operates and provides measurable benefits and true value.”

Nueva Pescanova is one of the leading shrimp producers in the world, with a production spreading across 7000 hectares and one of the hatchery facilities in Nicaragua being the biggest one in Central America. While the shrimp aquaculture sector, as a whole, is still in its technological infancy, Pescanova is leading the way towards its inevitable digital transformation.

Since its inception back in 2000, aquaManager has strived to revolutionize the world of aquaculture. The solutions provided by the team are designed to enable organizations to control the business, optimize efficiency, reduce waste, increase sustainability and achieve complete traceability. The digitalization of aquaculture and the company’s efforts, go hand to hand with ensuring environmental sustainability. In recent years, aquaManager has evolved from a management software to a unique and scalable ecosystem that includes Business Intelligence tools, leverages IoT through integrated smart devices and equipment and reshapes aquaculture with customer-driven innovations that make use of Artificial Intelligence.

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