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By Milthon Lujan

Join Fish 2.0 if you are an aquaculture innovator interested in growing your venture by meeting investors and new business partners. Seafood ventures from any country may participate.


The Fish 2.0 Global Aquaculture Innovation track is for companies offering technologies, products, innovations and solutions that improve the growth, sustainability and profitability of aquaculture worldwide, reduce its impact on coastal and marine habitats, and improve sustainability and viability of land-based systems.

All innovators and established ventures worldwide may compete who have products or services that support any of the following impacts for aquaculture:

– Reduce and optimize the use of energy and/or water inputs to operations, making them less resource intensive (and hopefully more profitable).
– Reduce waste or pollution from facilities.
– Create and/or make available alternative, cost-effective fish feeds, fish oils, and nutritional elements that reduce, or eliminate, extraction of wild capture fish.
– Improve data collection and prediction systems that help producers optimize production, reduce inputs, improve adaptability and sustainability, or prepare for climate-related changes.
– Improve equipment, farm design or other inputs that can decrease an operation’s footprint on surrounding habitats (while maintaining or improving profitability).
– Prevent or reduce disease and related loss in systems or surrounding ecosystems (without compromising ecological health).
– Improve the sustainability and viability of land-based production systems.
– Improve the sustainability, yields and efficiency of aquaculture in any other way.

Note: The global breadth of this track does not allow individual seafood farms or production operations to compete. Innovations should be applicable to and transferable to other farms or operations.

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If you are not sure of your eligibility, please email us at

If your venture is an individual aquaculture farming operation located in the US, the Pacific Islands or Australia, then you may qualify under one of our regional tracks.

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