Women in the Seafood Industry Video Competition: the winners will be announced on September the 24th

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By Milthon Lujan

Paris, France.- The second “women in the seafood industry” video contest will release the winners on September the 24th. The project was developed by the International Organisation for Women in the Seafood Industry (WSI), with the support of AFD French Development Agency and Matis Icelandic R&D company.

15 short and sharp videos from 7 countries
The 2018 video competition has received 15 short stories from Ireland, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Spain and USA including Alaska. They are available here: 

The rules of the game

The short films (<4mn) document lives of women in several segment of the seafood industry (fishing, fishfarming, processing, retailing, marketing). The selection is primarily based on the clarity of the description of women’s lives in the seafood world.

An international Jury

Members of the jury come from all continents.

• North America, Laine Welch – journalist, expert in fisheries
• South America, Dr Carmen Pedroza-Guttiérez, winner of last year, social science researcher Mexico
• Europe UK, Dr Fenella Porter, Senior Gender Advisor Oxfam UK
• Oceania, Loata Leweniqila, coordinator Women in Fisheries Fiji
• North Africa, Lamia ZNAGUI – Fishing Processing Federation in Morocco, General Manager
• Sub saharian Africa Baliaba Beyene Ateba Epse, president RAFEP, Africa association of women in the seafood industry
• Asia, Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Fisheries Specialist Krishi Gobeshona Foundation

Women in the seafood industry

Dr Fenella Porter, one of the member of the jury shares her thought: “The competition is an excellent way to communicate about the real issues that are faced by women in the seafood industry, without getting too buried in theoretical text. It is effective and informative, and an enjoyable way to get this kind of insight. The voices of these women are authentic and clear, and must be heard.”

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Marie Christine Monfort, WSI co-founder and president announces the opening of next year edition 2019. “We have received 15 excellent videos from 7 countries and all carry a thought-provoking message. After such a good 2018 “harvest”, we are happy to announce that the competition will be re-conducted in 2019”.

WSI the International Organisation for Women in the Seafood Industry highlights women’s contribution in the seafood industry and raises awareness of specific gender issues. WSI operates globally.

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