Whole Fresh Salmon Range of Swiss Retailer Migros Now ASC Certified

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By Milthon Lujan

Migros, the largest retailer in Switzerland, has made another big step in their commitment towards ASC by ensuring their entire range of fresh farmed salmon is now sold as ASC certified.

Salmon is one of the most popular species in Switzerland, and the switch means that almost half of the farmed fish (45%) sold by Migros is now ASC certified, up from a share of 29% before.

Migros made the switch on July 8, and is sourcing all of its ASC certified fresh salmon from Norwegian farms.

The commitment includes the retailer’s very popular own brand M-Budget smoked salmon product as well as – for the first time in Swiss retail – all salmon sold at in-store fresh fish counters.

“Migros has been a supporter of ASC since the beginning of the programme, and this latest commitment is a big leap in their ASC labelled offering,” said Barbara Janker, ASC Commercial Manager for the German speaking markets. “It will also send a strong signal to the Norwegian salmon producers on the ever increasing demand for seafood products that are certified against robust and transparent standards.”

“Swiss consumers place high importance in trusted certification labels like ASC, and at Migros we value them as they substantiate our sustainability claims and offer clarity and direction to customers,” said Linda Gehrig, Category Manager Fish at Migros. “We’re pleased to be offering consumers greater choice of certified products and continue our long and successful relationship with ASC.”

The supermarket chain has been a strong supporter of ASC from the start of the programme and was already selling certified pangasius and tilapia in 2012. Other ASC certified species sold by Migros are trout, shrimp, oysters and scallops, with seabass and seabream also due to be added – just a few months after the first farms were certified against the ASC’s new Seabass and Seabream Standard.

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The ASC Salmon Standard contains over 150 requirements covering legal, environmental and social issues, and requires that farmers minimise their impacts in these areas. It includes requirements on the use of medications, maintaining fish health, limiting escapes, and treating workers and communities fairly. Over 300 farms around the world are currently ASC certified, producing almost 1 million tons of certified salmon every year.

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