A virtual expo of smarter fish processing

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By Milthon Lujan

Iceland.- Decision-makers from the global fish industry will explore Marel technology in an online event next week, 21-22 April, when the SPG exhibition in Brussels was originally to take place. The event will feature a tour of Marel’s expo stand in virtual reality.


Organizers of the Brussels expo postponed the event due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but with safe, sustainable food processing more important than ever before, Marel decided to push ahead with demonstrations using its Marel Live online event platform.


The entire exhibition stand, as planned for Brussels, has been brought to life by XR (extended reality) developers from Marel’s Innovation team.

The event will include product demonstrations, guest speakers and a Q&A session, before participants are free to explore the virtual expo stand for themselves. Attendees can book personal online meetings with Marel product specialists and regional sales teams during the event.


The virtual stand comprises three main sections, covering Marel’s salmon processing solutions, whitefish processing solutions and Innova software. From grading to portion cutting to labeling, the choice of product demonstrations is designed to help participants understand how the innovative solutions can improve their processing results.


Innova software helps keep factories running smoothly and improves decision-making, and we encourage attendees to explore the substantial advantages the software has to offer.

Highlights for participants from the salmon industry include digitalized quality control, a new deheading and filleting solution, and a number of slicing solutions.

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For whitefish processors, the intelligent trimming solution and the FleXicut pinboning, portioning, trimming and distribution solution are definite attractions, and a new robotic solution for batching and packing seafood products into Styrofoam boxes is also expected to generate a lot of interest.

Robotics and connectivity are increasingly central to fish processing factories, and Industry 4.0 continues to inspire the innovators at Marel to come up with the products that are transforming the fish processing factories of today and the future.


The event takes place 21-22 April. There are several time slots to choose from for the one-hour live component of the event, making it possible to attend from anywhere in the world.

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