Transnational access in European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster

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By Milthon Lujan

EMBRIC, the European Marine Biological Research Infrastructure Cluster opens its second call for Transnational Access (TA) for maturation of research projects in marine biotechnology to access high-quality research facilities and technology platforms at five European Research Infrastructures (RIs).

Transnational Access is granted on a competitive basis to applicants from academia or industry who submit innovative projects that require visits to two Access Providers of different Research Infrastructures within the EMBRIC consortium.

Registration deadline: 30 Apr 2018

The EMBRIC TA program covers the costs of max two persons per project of:

– Access to labs, Research services, and standard disposables (max 6 weeks)

– Travel (max €800/person)

– Accommodation (max €120/person-day)

– Shipping of biological material (up to €400)

The TA program does not cover:

– Non-standard disposables

– Experiments required outside TA visits

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