Transnational Access in EMBRIC

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By Milthon Lujan

The EMBRIC Transnational Access program has the objective to foster maturation of research projects in the field of marine biotechnology, giving access to selected Access Providers within the consortium.

Transnational Access to the EMBRIC consortium is provided to a single user or a User Group of up to two users. A User Group can consist of more than two users, but the costs of travel and accomodation are reimbursed only for a maximum of two persons per User Group.

Users of the Transnational Access program can be researchers, students and technicians, from academia or industry, with their home institutions based in EU Member States or Associated Countries (as defined by the Horizon 2020 programme). ?Access for User Groups with a majority of users not working in EU Member States or Associated Countries is limited to 20% of the total amount of units of access provided. “Transnational” implies that the home institution of the main user (Project Leader) is based in a country other than the one in which the Access Providers are located.


EMBRIC offers access to high-quality facilities and pioneering technology platforms of 15 Access Providers from four European Research Infrastructures:

AQUAEXCEL2020: facilities and tools for marine aquaculture
EMBRC: fundamental and applied research on marine bioresources and marine ecosystems
EU-OPENSCREEN: discovery of biologically active substances in all areas of Life Sciences
MIRRI: microbial resource for research and development in the field of biotechnology

For more information, visit the Transnational Access portal (www.embric.eu/access/TA) or contact the EMBRIC Access Officer Dr. Davide di Cioccio (davide.dicioccio@szn.it) who will be happy to answer more specific questions.

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The deadline for project submission is April 28.


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