Shrimp MultiPathTM is a new pathogen testing platform set to transform Global Shrimp Production

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By Milthon Lujan

With unrivalled test sensitivity and specificity for multiple pathogens, and an ability to quantitate pathogen load, Shrimp MultiPath is cost-effective with automated high-throughput capacity and data digitization. This technology is set to disrupt how the world currently manages pathogens during culture, delivering production gains orders of magnitude greater than testing costs themselves.


Commercially available through Genics NATA Accredited ISO17025 Service Laboratories, Shrimp MultiPath has a sale price of US$49.50 per sample for all 13 pathogens ($3.81 per pathogen) which are listed here https://www.genics.com.au/support/ With the option to also pool some sample types, for example postlarval shrimp prior to pond stocking, in pools of ten per tube, the cost to test shrimp comes down to $0.38 per pathogen, 38 cents.

This PCR based technology is already is use throughout the Australian, Ecuadorian, Thai and Vietnamese Shrimp industries. Applications to-date have included understanding pathogen load of broodstock prior to spawning and removal of those with pathogens from the spawning cohort. Screening of postlarval shrimp whilst in the hatchery, and stocking of farm ponds only with healthy pathogen free seed.

Screening of shrimp throughout production to understand pathogen load during grow-out and predict fluctuations in feed rates and aeration requirements, as well as prioritising ponds for harvest based on pathogen load and carrying capacity, and prioritising pathogen free crops towards higher-value uncooked processing. In Australia, it has been demonstrated that stocking of IHHNV low postlarvae produced on average US$52,000 / ha more than stocking of high IHHNV postlarvae. The investment to screen a larval rearing tank of shrimp to stock a pond in Australia is only US $742.50 [15 pools of 10 shrimp x $49.50].

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Whether you are a broodstock producer, seedstock supplier, farm grow-out operation or food processor, Shrimp MultiPath will add value to your operation and improve profitability. www.genics.com.au/es


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