Revolutionizing Shrimp Breeding: CAT Unveils Shrimp Genetics Innovation Center

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By Milthon Lujan

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San Diego, USA – The global growth of the shrimp industry is placing significant pressure on producers to enhance efficiency and reduce mortality, presenting them with ongoing challenges. To facilitate research aimed at delivering impactful solutions, The Center for Aquaculture Technologies (CAT) is delighted to announce the opening of the Shrimp Genetics Innovation Center.

This state-of-the-art facility features a cutting-edge genome editing lab and tank space, effectively quadrupling CAT’s shrimp research capacity. The facility’s opening sets the stage for revolutionizing shrimp genetic performance and accelerating next-generation breeding through the application of innovative genome editing techniques.

Genome editing represents the next frontier in genetic improvement; it allows for the precise and rapid recreation of changes that would occur in nature. CAT is committed to helping shrimp producers do more with less through the development and application of genome editing technology and methodology, which can solve problems that conventional breeding methods are unable to address and substantially accelerate the pace of genetic improvement.

Matt Stone, Facility Manager, looks forward to benefiting clients, stating, “The increase in rearing and research capacity means we are even better prepared to deliver innovations to boost efficiency in the shrimp industry through genome editing. Our team is excited to be working in this new space and looks forward to helping clients achieve their goals.”

Dr. John Buchanan, CEO, touched on the broader impacts of this move, stating, “With this investment, we have further solidified our position as a leader in the delivery of impactful genetic solutions to help shrimp producers feed the world more efficiently.”

By opening this facility at their San Diego location, the staff of the Shrimp Genetics Innovation Center can benefit from a synergistic relationship with CAT Finfish Genetics Innovation Center.

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The new facility is dedicated to the memory of Dr Richard H. Towner, an exceptional researcher in the field of genetics who served as a trusted advisor to CAT. Dr Towner’s invaluable contributions to the aquaculture industry and his mentorship of numerous researchers have greatly propelled advancements in the field.

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