Responsible Aquaculture Foundation Adds New Water Quality Courses

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By Milthon Lujan

Two new courses from the Responsible Aquaculture Foundation reflect additional titles in RAF’s popular water quality series.

“Water Circulation and Aeration” addresses how these topics influence seafood production in both pond-based and cage systems for fish and shrimp. The course explains the impacts of water stratification and how aeration can help prevent stratification and provide more dissolved oxygen to animals held in ponds. At cage sites, good planning and proper management can limit water quality problems in lakes and reservoirs.

“Water Quality in Aquaculture: An Introduction” is a new course that describes how culture water must provide both a suitable living environment for culture species and a system that supports feeding and handling of waste products. It introduces the chemical properties of alkalinity and hardness, salinity, conductivity and trace elements, as well as how they are measured and managed.

Both courses are now available at http://edu.responsibleaqua.org. Developed with the assistance of renowned aquaculture expert Dr. Claude Boyd, they are currently free to view, but will require a registration fee later this year.

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