Report About The Transformative Power of Digital Aquatech

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By Milthon Lujan

by Willem van der Pijl, Aqua Spark
Since we started in 2015, the value of our digital aquatech portfolio has reached $150m. Luckily, we haven’t been the only ones investing. We’ve seen at least 100 investors joining us in the digital aquatech space, ranging from early-stage VCs to late-stage VCs, and from dedicated ocean funds to large corporate VC funds.

poder transformador tecnologia digital acuicultura
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A great start, but to accelerate the digital transformation of the aquaculture industry, much more investment is needed.

We’re therefore excited to present this second edition of Aqua-Spark’s Aqua Insights Report Series: The Transformative Power of Digital Aquatech. We believe digital aquatech will enable more efficiency, transparency, and sustainability in the industry, while increasing a farmer’s profitability and laying the framework for a resilient aquaculture industry in the future.

This Report provides you with an overview of the digital aquatech investment landscape, a series of inspiring interviews with CEOs of Aqua-Spark’s digital aquatech portfolio companies, and a set of in-depth chapters on different segments of digital aquaculture technology. The scope of the Report is limited to the role of digital aquatech in cage- and pond-based aquaculture operations.

We’ll take you from data-driven platforms to smart feeding solutions, and from the latest generation of farm management software to the potential of satellite remote sensing and the rise of digital traceability solutions.

You’ll find an overview of some of the established and up-and-coming enterprises and startups that contribute to the digital transformation of aquaculture.

Reference (open access):
Aqua-Spark. 2022. Aqua Insights Report Series: The Transformative Power of Digital Aquatech. 96 p.

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