Promoting the consumption of nutrient-rich small fish species in Zambia

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By Milthon Lujan

This booklet contains five fish-based recipes for pregnant and lactating women, and infants and young children as well as other members of the household. These recipes were developed and tested during 2015–2016 in the Mbala and Luwingu districts in Northern Province, Zambia, under the Irish Aid Local Development Programme.

Each recipe includes small fish species, which are rich in minerals, vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids. These species are especially important for meeting the nutrient needs of pregnant and lactating women and also children 6–23 months of age in the first 1000 days of life, which are the most critical. The recipes were developed to meet the specific nutritional needs of these target groups, but they are beneficial to all household members. They are based on local food availability and preferences and are relatively affordable for rural and urban consumers. The ingredients included can be grown or purchased in local markets.

The recipes were rated highly for their overall acceptability, taste, odor, texture and appearance in sensory testing with pregnant and lactating women, children under 2 years of age and men from rural areas in the Mbala and Luwingu districts. Nutrient analyses were also carried out on the five fish-based recipes and the results are included in the Appendix. WorldFish led the development and testing of these recipes, together with several national and district stakeholders, including staff from the Ministry of Health; Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock; World Vision; and Self Help Africa. Funding to carry out the research was provided by Irish Aid. Although this booklet was developed in Northern Province, Zambia, these recipes can be used throughout the country where small fish species are accessible to promote the consumption of fish-based foods during the first 1000 days of life.

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Source: WorldFish

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