Peru’s anchovy fishing season could begin by End-Nov

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By Milthon Lujan

Lima, Peru (Andina).- The second anchovy fishing season in the central and northern areas of the Peruvian coast could begin by November-end, Peru’s Production Ministry (Produce) estimated. “This year’s second anchovy fishing season in the north-central zone of Peru could begin by End-November,” projected Produce’s head Pedro Olaechea.


Contribution to GDP growth

According to Produce’s Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture Hector Soldi, the second anchovy fishing season will make an important contribution to the country’s GDP in the second half 2017.

He explained the first season led to the capture of 2.36 million tons in the period comprised between April 22 and July 31 this year, and that catches accounted for 85% of the total quota for the central-northern area of the country, previously set at 2.8 million tons.

This way, the Inca nation’s fishing sector rose 52% in June 2017 over the same month last year, which increased the domestic GDP by 0.5%, thus marking three months of consecutive growth.


Control was strict during the first fishing season, which is why it concluded with a reserve of 6.5 million tons of anchovy.

Soldi recalled last year’s second anchovy fishing season led to the capture of 1.8 million tons of such resource.

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