NYP Develops Fish Vaccine for Vietnam’s Fish Farm

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By Milthon Lujan

Singapore.- NYP has developed a fish vaccine to reduce mortality rates in one of the biggest fish farms in Vietnam, Hiep Thanh Group Fish Farm. This was the brainchild of Dr Jeffrey Seng, Senior Specialist (Aquatic Health and Diagnostics) and Senior Lecturer from School of Chemical and Life Sciences (SCL) and his co-investigators from Singapore University of Social Sciences and Vietnam’s Can Tho University.


Owned by KMP Group in Singapore, the Hiep Thanh Group Fish Farm encountered a major problem – the yield from their freshwater catfish farm was severely affected with 90 to 95 per cent of the young fish dying before they reached market size.

Dr Seng embarked on the project on developing the fish vaccine in February 2017. He conducted several experiments and eventually isolated the bacteria that was causing the problem. With further investigations, they managed to create a vaccine that protects young fish from a potentially fatal illness and later, inoculated Hiep Thanh’s fishes.

The vaccine was effective in protecting the fishes from freshwater bacterial and helped to improved survival rates of the young fishes to 90 – 95%.

Dr Seng is currently working with Dr Dung from Can Tho University in developing further vaccination for the fishes in the region. Look out for more updates in future!


Source: Nanyang Polytechnic

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