Maintaining Tasmania’s high reputation for quality seafood

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By Milthon Lujan

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is continuing to support the State’s oyster and shellfish industry to produce a premium, safe and quality product.

The 2022-23 Budget includes $400,000 over four years to support the Tasmanian Shellfish Market Access Program (ShellMAP) through the provision of a Program Coordinator.

ShellMAP monitors Tasmania’s waterways for potential microbial contamination, harmful algal blooms and other parameters that may impact the quality and safety of Tasmanian oysters.

These shellfish are often eaten raw or lightly cooked, which means it is crucial for food safety risks to be managed.

Our Government runs ShellMAP to ensure Tasmania’s incredible shellfish are enjoyed safely in Tasmania and around the world.

ShellMAP operates under a Partnership Agreement between the Tasmanian Government, Oysters Tasmania and the Tasmanian Seafood Industry Council (TSIC).

Oysters Tasmania chief executive Duncan Spender praised the $400,000 investment, saying the ShellMAP is a smart investment in the State’s seafood industry and unique natural environment.

“ShellMAP is a program reflecting a genuine partnership between oyster farmers and the State Government. By ensuring that Tasmanian Oysters are always safe to eat, the ShellMAP program underpins the growth of an industry that all Tasmanians can be proud of,” Mr Spender said.

Under the ShellMAP Partnership Agreement, a key collaborative project is the sensor network grant to Oysters Tasmania. This will see up to 60 sensors installed in coastal waters around Tasmania for improved management of shellfish leases.

Mr Spender said the injection of funds would support more effective program management, sophisticated scientific testing of our oyster meats and the State waters they grow in, not only to ensure that Tasmanian oysters are always safe to eat, but to ensure that other Tasmanian seafood is always safe to eat too.

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The 2022-23 Budget is about strengthening Tasmania’s future and this investment will help us to better understand and protect our waters, as well as the State’s clean green brand.

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