INvertebrateIT fostering invertebrate-based solutions for the Aquaculture sector

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By Milthon Lujan

Continuing its successes into its final weeks, the INvertebrateIT project team’s on-line webinar series proved popular amongst the invertebrate feed sector. The INvertebrateIT project invited stakeholders to participate in a webinar series, offered to stakeholders wishing to scale-up their invertebrate production and seize opportunities in the aquaculture sector.

The webinar series took place on the 6th March 2019 with more than 40 participants. The topics covered included the edible insects’ business and legal aspects of invertebrate feeds. Also presented were two case studies on how to expand to new species and omega-3 production using marine invertebrates. Closing the webinar series, an overview of EU funding calls relevant to the sector was provided. An engaging questions and answers session closed the meeting. The webinar recording can be viewed at .

Today, the INvertebrateIT consortium is hosting its final event. “Sustainable solutions for aquaculture: The pathway to meet market demand” takes place on the 26th March 2019 (with an optional visit to insect farms on 27th March 2019), at the Wageningen International Congress Centre, The Netherlands.

This event will cover invertebrate-based solutions for the aquaculture sector, with a particular focus on the market and investment. The initiative is aimed at bringing SMEs and researchers closer to the big industry and investors, to facilitate the production of marine and terrestrial invertebrates for a wide range of applications related to aquaculture. The objective is to enhance connections and collaborations at an international level: helping producers and suppliers find necessary partners to meet market demand; and, for investors to connect with reliable suppliers and entrepreneurs within the sector.

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