Iberoamerican Network for the treatment of effluents with microalgae- Kick off meeting

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By Milthon Lujan

The Ibero-American Network for the treatment of effluents with microalgae RENUWAL funded by CYTED started in February. Cyted is the Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development, created by the governments of the Ibero-American countries to promote cooperation on science, technology and innovation issues for the harmonious development of Ibero-America. 


The general objective of the Renuwal network is to create a multi and inter-disciplinary Network that promotes the potential applications of microalgae as recycling agents for industry and the environment within the framework of the Circular Economy. The network includes the following sub-objectives:

– To analyze and develop new strategies in the treatment of effluents with microalgae that generate added value products as an alternative to conventional processes
– To stimulate technical-scientific training in this area
– To promote the technological transfer of knowledge from the Network to Latin American companies
– To promote the general dissemination of knowledge in this area
– To establish a stable multi- and inter-disciplinary consortium of groups and entities that allows the coordination of technological and social changes in this field

Researchers from different countries participate in RENUWAL, including Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil. Currently, the network is composed by 26 research groups and 170 researchers. Among them, the Biotechnology Unit of IMDEA Energy is contributing with their experience in the cultivation of microalgae in wastewater and digestates for pollutants removal, evolutionary engineering to increase algal resistance towards inhibitors and the revalorization of biomass through anaerobic digestion for methane and short chain fatty acids production purposes.

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More information: Cristina Gonzalez, Head of the Biotechnology Unit,

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