GGGI Aquaculture Best Practice Framework launches

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By Milthon Lujan

Today the GGGI is officially launching the Best Practice Framework for the Management of Aquaculture Gear (A-BPF) to complement our recently revised Best Practice Framework for the Management of Fishing Gear (C-BPF). The A-BPF is the first document of its kind that provides comprehensive guidance to aquaculture stakeholders on the best ways to prevent and mitigate the effects gear loss and plastic pollution from the aquaculture industry.

“As the aquaculture sector continues to grow, action must be taken now to ensure that this growth does not lead to more ghost gear. For more than five years, the GGGI has worked to develop best practices across wild caught fisheries; and it showed us that guidance is just as needed for aquaculture gear loss. We’re excited to release the A-BPF, and look forward to working with our partners to see it implemented.” – Ingrid Giskes, Director, GGGI

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food producing sector, with an expected growth of 37% by 2030 over 2016 rates. Though global losses of gear from aquaculture are likely lower in volume than from capture fisheries, it is still a significant issue, and the growth of aquaculture means that changes made in that sector can have an outsized impact for our waters.

Gear loss from aquaculture occurs for several reasons, including low-level losses through routine farming operations; extreme weather; inadequate planning and management; and intentional discard where other options are limited, oversight is sparse, and costs for proper disposal are high. The A-BPF contains guidance for 11 stakeholder categories across the aquaculture industry, from gear manufacturers to aquaculture operators, to seafood companies, on all of these challenges.

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Reference (open access):
Global Ghost Gear Initiative (2021) Best Practice Framework for the Management of Aquaculture Gear. Prepared by Huntington, T. of Poseidon Aquatic Resources Management Ltd. for GGGI. 81 pp. plus appendices.

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