French Supermarket Giant Carrefour Makes ASC Shrimp Commitment

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By Milthon Lujan

French consumers now have even more choice when it comes to responsibly farmed shrimp, thanks to an ASC commitment from supermarket giant Carrefour.


The commitment means that 100% of the farmed shrimp sold in all Carrefour supermarkets’ fishmonger counters and chilled seafood aisles is now ASC certified.

“ASC certified shrimp farmers work hard to ensure they minimise their environmental and social impacts, and by choosing to buy ASC products, consumers can reward this responsibility,” said Camille Civel, ASC France Outreach Manager. “Now Carrefour has given consumers even more opportunities to reward responsible farming, helping our mission to drive up standards in aquaculture.”

“ASC certification of all shrimp is Carrefour’s strong commitment to a major product in our seafood product offering,” said Gaëtan de Lamberterie, of Carrefour. “It is fully in line with Carrefour’s ambition to become the leader in the food transition for all and contributes to the company’s commitment to provide consumers with a wide choice of responsible farmed and wild-caught certified seafood products. ”

Carrefour’s commitment will have a big impact, with the company operating over 1,000 stores in France and sales in the country worth €466 million.


The Shrimp Standard is one of ASC’s most widespread, with almost 300 farms around the world currently certified, producing over 200,000 tons annually. Vietnam has the most ASC certified farms, with Ecuador, Honduras and Indonesia also important countries for the programme.

The standard contains over 100 requirements dealing with legal, social and environmental issues. These include the protection of mangrove forests and other critical habitats, prohibition on the use of antibiotics, fair treatment and pay for farm workers, and being good neighbours to local communities.

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