Launch of free e-learning platform to help aquaculture professionals improve the efficiency and sustainability of their facilities

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By Milthon Lujan

A new e-learning platform launches today (31stMay) to aid aquaculture professionals in understanding key topics in energy and water efficiency and to assist them in applying this knowledge to increase the sustainability and economic viability of their facilities.

Funded by the EU ERASMUS+ programme, the EWEAS project (Energy and Water Efficiency in the Aquaculture Sector, developed the training programme over the past two years, in collaboration with key aquaculture stakeholders in the project’s partner countries of Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia and Spain. 

The e-learning platform, freely accessible at is divided into 10 modules addressing a wide range of energy and water efficiency in aquaculture facilities. They include: 

Basic Concepts
Electric Motors
Pumping and Hydraulic Distribution
Heating and Refrigeration
Air Compressors
Renewable Energy Technologies
Viability and Return on Investment

The e-learning programme is open to anyone around the world and is available in English, Italian, Latvian, Slovenian and Spanish. Participants who successfully complete the tests included within the online training platform are provided with an e-certificate to demonstrate their attainment of knowledge in the topic, thus contributing to their continuing professional development.

Commenting on the new tool, Mercedes Rodríguez-Caro de la Rosa ,EWEAS project lead at SGS Tecnos, Valencia said,

“We are delighted to launch this free, online learning tool to support the continuous professional development of aquaculture stakeholders around the world. The EWEAS e-learning platform will equip aquaculture professionals with the practical information needed to help them make significant changes at their own facilities that will not only improve their efficiency but also boost their economic and environmental sustainability. Aquaculture is playing an increasingly important role in our global food system and I am proud of the EWEAS contributions to supporting and improving the industry.”

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The EWEAS team welcomes practitioners, trainers and members of the public to engage with the new learning tool. For more information, please visit

EWEAS project

The EWEAS project (E-learning platform: Energy and Water Efficiency in the Aquaculture Sector) is funded through the Erasmus+ Programme (Grant Agreement no. 2018-1-ES01-KA202-050473). The project focuses on enhancing knowledge and competence of professionals working with water and energy issues in the aquaculture sector.

The project ran for 30 months from 2018 to 2021. The EWEAS consortium is composed of 5 partners from 5 European countries (Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Italy, Ireland). Partners in the EWEAS project and their roles are as follows: SGSTecnos, Spain: project management and training course content development;AquaTT, Ireland, project communications and dissemination;Eurofortis, Latvia: development and implementation of e-learning platform; API, Italy and KGZS-Zavod KR, Slovenia: engagement with regional aquaculture stakeholders.


Source: AquaTT

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