Fish Farm making a splash in NSW

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By Milthon Lujan

Australia.- NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair says the fish farm trial (properly known as “aquaculture”) in Port Stephens will be ready for harvest in the coming months Twelve months ago, the NSW Government collaborated with Huon Aquaculture to conduct a commercial-scale trial for yellowtail kingfish at Providence Bay.

Mr Blair said this trial uses world-first technology and puts NSW on track to increasing our supplies of quality and sustainable seafood.

“The Yellowtail Kingfish have been grown from fingerlings (or young fish) and then airlifted to two sea pens which are located around seven kilometres offshore.

“The fish have been growing rapidly and thousands will be ready for the first harvest later this year.

“Currently more than 85 per-cent of seafood in NSW is imported from other states or overseas – we want this to change, giving people more options to buy local seafood.

“The data from this trial will help set the standard for aquaculture in NSW and ensure that it is environmentally sustainable.”

Huon Aquaculture already produces approximately 22,000 tonnes of Atlantic Salmon and Ocean Trout each year and employs over 550 people with operations across Tasmania and other Australian states.

Mr Blair said he is looking forward to seeing the growth path the industry will take from here.

“Last financial year, aquaculture had a farm gate value of $65 million – this industry has an exciting future here in NSW and one that is set to transform our fisheries,” Mr Blair said.

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