Fish and Seafood Market in Poland

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By Milthon Lujan

USA.- Poland’s 2017 total estimated catch was 196,900 metric tons (MT), including fish from the Baltic Sea and long-distance, deep-sea fishing. Despite an increase in its deep-sea catch, Poland’s total 2017 catch decreased by one percent from 2016, due a lower catch from the Baltic Sea. The Polish fish processing industry is the fourth largest in Europe, with 263 processing plants, which ship product throughout the EU.

Several hundred smaller, often family-run companies also sell products only within the immediate regional. 2017 fish consumption in Poland averaged about 12.4 kilograms per capita, almost half of the EU average. 2016 fish and seafood imports exceeded $2 billion, of which $64 million were U.S. origin. Poland imports mainly raw fish for further processing by the local processing industry.

Poland: Fish and Seafood Market in Poland 

Source: USDA

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