European bass and bream sector to benefit from EU investment

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By Milthon Lujan

Bass and bream prices dampened by excess supply in 2017 as EU launches dual projects to enhance sector innovation, competitiveness and sustainability.


The EU farmed bass and bream industry has had to address a series of challenges in the last decade, the latest of which is the rapid emergence of Turkey as a major competing producer. The growing supply of fish to both old and new markets has prompted many stakeholders in the sector to call for an increased focus on research and innovation at all points on the supply chain. This would ensure that competitiveness is maintained in the long term, particularly for Greek companies still dealing with the after-effects of a long period of financial struggle. In response, the European Commission will invest a total of EUR14 million in two initiatives, PerformFISH and MedAID. These are sister projects, both funded and developed as part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative, with the objective of creating shared knowledge and tools for enhancing the marketing strategies, governance structures and production processes of the EU’s aquaculture industry. As the largest aquaculture subsector in the EU, the bass and bream industry will be one of the main project beneficiaries.

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