CTSA 2017 Annual Progress Report Summaries: Available for Download

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By Milthon Lujan

USA.- As part of our reporting requirements, CTSA must submit a comprehensive Annual Accomplishment Report to the USDA.

This 100+ page report features full progress reports of ongoing CTSA-supported projects, as well as final reports of projects that were completed during the calendar year.

In an effort to consolidate information for our stakeholders, CTSA has prepared a 2-page summary of each project that was active during 2017. Each summary provides a brief description of the project, as well as the anticipated benefits, impacts, and current progress of the work being done.

The following 2-page summaries of CTSA projects that were active during 2017 are included in the Annual Accomplishment Report to the USDA. Please note: projects funded under the CTSA FY16 Plan of Work commenced recently and do not yet have significant findings to report; they are not included in this report.

CTSA 2017 Project Summaries – PDF

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