Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society

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By Milthon Lujan

Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2019 – LACQUA19 to be held within the framework of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Latin American and Caribbean Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society in San José, Costa Rica at the Convention Center of the Wyndham Herradura Hotel.


A celebration party is being prepared for this celebration and the participation of two special guests is confirmed for the opening plenary of LACQUA19.

Dr. Enric Gisbert Casas, PhD, is a specialist in fish nutrition and physiology, responsible for the Aquaculture Program of the Agrifood Research and Technology Institute (IRTA) in Spain. He has published numerous scientific articles and has collaborated in research projects in Europe, America and Asia. He is coordinator of the Cyted LARVAplus Network (Strategies for development and improvement of fish larvae production in Ibero-America), made up of researchers from 19 universities and research centers, plus 9 companies, belonging to Ibero-American countries, including three countries of Central America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Luís E C Conceição is an expert in fish nutrition and metabolism, has published a large number of scientific articles and collaborates in a large number of projects, including projects in Latin America. He has a master’s and doctorate in aquaculture from the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands. For several years he has been head of research and development at SPAROS, a spin-off company of the Center for Marine Sciences of the University of Algarve, Portugal, which is dedicated to innovation for the development of new products, technologies and processes for the feeding of fish. Coordinator of several national projects and the EC-FP6 SEACASE project. Vice President of COST Action Larvanet.

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It is our pleasure to announce that together with the LACQUA19 we will carry out the Theoretical – Practical Course on Pathologies in Shrimp Cultivation from November 18 to 19 at the National University Omar Dengo Heredia campus. The topics to be discussed will be diseases in farmed shrimp, diagnostic techniques, clinical signs of disease, practice in sampling and biosecurity strategies. The course will be dictated by Dr. Luis Fernando Aranguren Caro with M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Arizona, has more than 20 years of professional experience working in aquaculture health in shrimp and marine fish,
focused on three areas: diagnosis, health management and biosecurity. All information about this workshop can be found at this link: 


The academic component of LACQUA19 has open its call for the submission of works on various topics among which are the most cultivated species in Central America and in countries of the LACC area, with special focus on tilapia, trout, native fish and shrimp and others topics such as production systems, sustainable aquaculture, health and diseases, physiology and genetics, nutrition and food, processing and economics, and socioeconomics of aquaculture. Oral presentations, posters and abstracts may be made in Spanish, Portuguese or English. The submission of abstracts may are until September 1, 2019 on the event page 

Information on ways to participate as an assistant or sponsor can be found at the link 

For more information you can contact:
Carolina Amézquita

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