BioMar Group ready to build new line for extruded shrimp feed in Ecuador

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By Milthon Lujan

Ecuador.- To accommodate the growth in volumes sold, BioMar Group has decided to invest in additional capacity at its factory in Ecuador. The extrusion line creates the foundation for development of new product ranges and is expected to be ready early 2020.

BioMar Group announces further investments in the factory in Ecuador. A new extrusion line will add approx. 40.000 tons capacity and is expected to enter operation in Q1 2020, just one year after the latest capacity expansion, which is due in Q1 2019.

“We have experienced a strong growth in Ecuador since the acquisition of Alimentsa in 2017 and we currently operate at our capacity limit. For our customers the new line will mean increased flexibility and increased choice, as it will significantly expand our capacity for extruded and value added feed solutions,” explains Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President Emerging Markets in the BioMar Group.

Shrimp production in Ecuador has been growing with double digits in 2018 placing Ecuador as the third largest shrimp producing nation in the world.

“The Ecuadorian shrimp sector will continue to grow in the coming years, however at a somewhat slower pace than in 2018, where we have seen an exceptionally high growth. Ecuador has a competitive edge when it comes to producing shrimp in a responsible manner with high focus on both sustainability and product quality. Recent initiatives like the launch of the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership will further enhance this position”, says Henrik Aarestrup.

The investment is part of BioMar’s strategic plan for the shrimp business, which also includes a recently inaugurated research and trial unit in connection with the plant in Ecuador.

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Apart from the shrimp feed business in Ecuador, BioMar currently produces extruded shrimp feed in Asia and Central America plus some support production for Central America and Ecuador coming from BioMar’s factories in Chile. Larval diets for shrimp are distributed worldwide under the LARVIVA brand from BioMar’s French production site.

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