Asian Pacific Aquaculture ’19 holds the Biggest Aquaculture Tradeshow in Chennai!

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By Milthon Lujan

For every aspiring aquapreneur, the one question that is always hounding him is, “What next?” In India and throughout the world, the ecosystem of emerging entrepreneurs is expanding day by day, month after month and year after year. India, in fact, has some of the most intelligent minds and what happens when these minds from all over the world seeking aquaculture business opportunities get the right platform, the right people, the right mentorship and the right guidance to go with?

If you are looking for a place that answers these questions, then APA 2019 is all you need to know! This is India’s premier and most trusted tradeshow which is going to be held in Chennai for three days, 19th June to 21st June! in the sidelines of the International Conference. Touted as Asia’s biggest, most important and magnificent trade show, APA’19 is seeking to provide an outstanding opportunity to aquaentrepreneurs across the globe a premium platform for business opportunity seekers and young entrepreneurs in the province of Aquaculture.

Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Jayalalithaa Fisheries University is hosting this international conference on Asian Pacific Aquaculture’19 in co-ordination with the World Aquaculture Society –Asian Pacific Chapter at the Chennai trade centre, Chennai.

With a tag of Aquaculture for Health,Wealth and Happiness, the conference will be a unique platform for exchange of ideas and facilitate commercialization in aquaculture sector and encourage Innovative Industrial stakeholders to strive hard for making the industry profitable and more sustainable.

The trade show, which will be organised during the international conference is expecting participants from over 50 countries to showcase their various exciting business opportunities and new technologies in the aquaculture sector. We have planned to put up 150 booths and almost all the booths are completely booked by holders of India and other countries. We are now planning to increase the number of booths to 230 Nos to accommodate more interested countries and any other Indian companies.
Join this unique event and block your booth now. More information on click the APA19 logo and find all info on the APA19 conference, the APA19 exhibition and many more.

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