ASC and Fair Trade USA Join Forces to Drive Improvements in Indonesian Aquaculture

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By Milthon Lujan

Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Fair Trade USA have joined together to implement an ambitious new project funded by the Walton Family to drive improvements in the aquaculture sector in Indonesia, the second biggest producer of farmed fish in the world.

“Improving fish farming practices in Indonesia will have a significant and positive impact on our mission to improve standards of aquaculture around the world,” said Roy van Daatselaar, Producer Support Manager and project lead for ASC. “Collaboration is an integral part of the ASC programme. This project will draw on the complementary strengths of our two organisations to bring lasting benefit to the local community through initiatives that will lead to better outcomes for the environment and those that work on, and live near, the participating farms. We’re grateful to The Walton Family for making this ambitious project possible.”

The two organisations will combine their access, knowledge and experience to encourage improvements in the environmental and social impacts of Indonesian aquaculture. They are working collaboratively to explore ways to streamline joint certification, help update farming practices, and encourage greater responsibility. This collaboration will drive improvements on the ground and help promote engagement of producers in the market.

ASC and Fair Trade USA will also collaborate with the Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MOMAF) to support further development of the local IndoGAP standards and policies. The collaboration will help streamline the approach to implementing more responsible aquaculture practices in Indonesia.

The Walton Family approved an approximate $500K grant following a joint application by ASC and Fair Trade USA. The two-year project will deliver sustainable benefits for the producers, their employees, the surrounding communities and ecosystem. It began in January 2019 and an MOU was recently signed by Chris Ninnes, CEO of ASC and Julie Kuchepatov, Director, Seafood at Fair Trade USA.

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