Aquaculture technology provider UMITRON officially announces UMITRON EAGLE, the world’s first real-time AI-based analytics solution for shrimp farming

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By Milthon Lujan

UMITRON EAGLE: Real time AI based analytics solution for shrimp farming.
UMITRON EAGLE: Real time AI based analytics solution for shrimp farming.

UMITRON PTE. LTD. (Singapore, Co-founder/Managing director Masahiko Yamada, hereinafter Umitron) has just announced the launch of UMITRON EAGLE, their latest technology solution offering the world’s first real-time AI-based analytics solution to shrimp producers. It uses advanced AI detection to track multiple real-time biological conditions and other factors in highly turbid and intensive production environments.

In recent decades, the global industry has been primarily centred around an almost singular species, the Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). However, despite seeing exceptional growth in the sector, the industry is still plagued by many issues ranging from disease outbreaks, general health management and poor environmental management protocols that can lead to mass mortality events and disrupt the supply chain.

The poor uptake and adoption of digital technology by shrimp producers has also been one of the limiting factors stunting the sector’s growth, both economically and sustainably. While solutions exist to remotely control feeding (via timer-based automatic feeders) and monitor environmental parameters using sensors, they are currently unable to analyse the real-time conditions of the shrimp. This is further exacerbated by the fact that most farming environments have poor visibility (i.e. high turbidity) and that digital transformations have been slower and more limited for shrimp than their fish counterparts.

Umitron has spent a couple of years developing a solution to assess shrimp production conditions in real-time using customised AI algorithms. These include but are not limited to real-time appetite analysis, health and growth conditions, and biomass. While important, these metrics are not always actively charted and monitored due to a lack of available resources and solutions on the market, be it manpower or automation-wise. With UMITRON EAGLE, producers can now optimise their feeding protocols easily and automatically using real-time analytics. In addition to the current partnership with Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), Umitron would also like to extend this solution to other shrimp farmers to improve the operations at their production sites.

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Via UMITRON EAGLE, producers can expect to successfully achieve:

● improvements in FCR, growth and harvest amounts for each crop

● improved biosecurity measures and work protocols

● a reduction in feed wastage which may contribute to undesirable environmental conditions such as poor water quality and highly-turbid conditions and require frequent water changes

● better long-term farming management protocols and optimised operations using the accumulated production data

In this way, Umitron will help strengthen the resilience and growth of the shrimp production landscape, and achieve a more sustainable production environment and footprint in super-intensive farming conditions.

The company is keen on connecting with producers who operate intensive and advanced shrimp farms and are interested in implementing digitisation technologies to take their production to a higher level. If you belong to an organisation eager to join this wave of change with us, please contact us at

About Umitron

UMITRON is a Singapore and Japan-based deep tech company whose aim is to solve worldwide food and environmental problems by empowering the aquaculture industry with technology to achieve a more sustainable footprint while helping them grow and thrive. Over the past few years, we’ve developed products exclusively for the sector using a combination of IoT, satellite remote sensing and AI technology. To date, we have succeeded in helping producers improve their farm efficiencies, manage their risks exposures, reduce their environmental footprint and ultimately contribute to increased business revenues.

Our greatest goal is to utilise our technical expertise to help drive aquaculture towards a future of positive growth where the industry can thrive, coexist with nature and fill the global protein gap in a sustainable, human-friendly and environmentally-focused way. Ultimately, we aim to “install Sustainable Aquaculture on Earth”.

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