The 16th North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2021 is being postponed to June 8th-10th 2021

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By Milthon Lujan

The North Atlantic Seafood Forum is being postponed from 9th-11th of March to 8th-10th of June 2021.


“We have listened to the industry. Many of our regular delegates now fear that both Brexit and Covid challenges will require their full attention in Q1, thus making it difficult to attend NASF in March.” says Mr. André Akse, the General Manager of North Atlantic Seafood Forum.

NASF 2021 will be a digital conference. From 8th-10th of June our delegates will be able to attend more than 150 presentations from Seafood executives and specialists. The event will also host a series of discussion sessions and digital meeting rooms where delegates easily can connect with other delegates and leading companies in the industry.

“We believe that NASF 2021 will attract a larger international audience than previous events, since it will be easy and convenient to attend the conference via your computer or tablet, from wherever you are in the world. At present we predict 2500 delegates attending NASF 2021” Mr. Akse continues.

About North Atlantic Seafood Forum:


NASF is the world’s largest Seafood Business conference for top executives. Annually around 850 delegates from 35 countries and 300 companies participate. The conference addresses the Seafood industry in a broad perspective and focuses on species as salmon, whitefish and pelagic, but also on technology, innovation, sustainability, policy and framework conditions. In addition, finance and investment opportunities in the industry always has a strong focus in the conference program.

For further information and details, please contact:

André Akse
General Manager NASF
Telephone: +47 481 14 196

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