Phd Student : Analysis of market position of existing aquaculture products and associated public perception

Objectives: To analyse the position and prospects for new and differentiated aquaculture products, taking into account the current situation, development of the global fish market and consumers perceptions / representations.

Abstract / Expected Results: A broad study of economic scenarios and consumer perception of diversified aquaculture products will be explored to assess the market potential of premium class, organic and/or otherwise certified products. The poultry sector with a diversified market with respect to certifications related to animal welfare and environmental impact will serve as reference (in collaboration with partner organisation SYSAAF). For aquaculture products, the focus will be primarily on salmon and different sectors along the value chain (from fisheries and aquaculture producers (MG) via processing companies, wholesalers, retailers (partner organisation – CG) to direct marketing to mobile fishmongers and restaurants) will be explored. These analyses also include long-term predictions about the viability of certain products, for example premium or organically farmed salmon products. Particular attention will be paid to the perceptions and social acceptance of production systems (including e.g. the use of sterilised salmon), quality of the products and labelling schemes.

RESEARCH FIELD: Economics, Environmental science
RESEARCHER PROFILE: First Stage Researcher (R1)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15/05/2021 23:00 – Europe/Brussels
LOCATION: France › Plouzané
JOB STATUS: Full-time
EU RESEARCH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME: H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions


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We offer you a temporary position for a period of 3 years. Gross salary will consist of a monthly living allowance topped up with a mobility allowance according to Marie S. Curie guidelines based on a fulltime employment. Minimum net salary for France according to MSCA guidelines will amount to 3540€, including mobility allowance and social security.

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For more information about this position, please contact Dr. Bertrand Le Gallic, Associate Professor at University of Brest:

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AMURE research unit (UMR 6308 AMURE) brings together researchers and lecturers in economics, public and private law, history of law, sociology, anthropology and psychology, from three different research organizations (CNRS, Ifremer, University of Brest). AMURE specializes in the study of public policies and institutions for management and development of coastal and maritime activities and for protection of marine and coastal ecosystems.

The SML Doctoral School trains highly skilled specialists in sciences of the universe, life sciences, engineering sciences and the humanities. The Marine & Coastal Sciences Doctoral School (SML) is multidisciplinary and benefits from excellent research laboratories. The SML Doctoral School seeks to train experts in their fields who are capable of carrying out research within a multidisciplinary scientific context. Hosted by and housed at the IUEM European University Institute of the Sea, the SML Doctoral School contributes to the construction of a marine sciences culture open to the humanities and social sciences. The school has 259 PhD students, studying 22 separate specializations at 42 research units, under the supervision of 230 HDR-accredited research directors (

Selection process

Candidates must submit their application on the TEBL’s server on the page dedicated to the Doctoral School of Marine and Coastal Sciences in the online application space.

Please note that applications must be submitted online for most subjects before midnight on 17 May 2021. (automatic closing of the server…)

No applications can be registered after this date. Applications sent by post, by e-mail, submitted to the secretariat, transmitted to the thesis director, … will not be examined by the commissions. The online application is compulsory.

This deadline can be extended by a few days for some files at the request of the thesis director.

From 18 May to 27 May 2021, thesis directors will be invited to classify the files received and to propose a list of candidates to be auditioned.

Composition of the application file

Your application must be a single document in pdf format, (identified as surname_firstname.pdf).

The file must include the following documents :

your CV
your cover letter presenting your professional project
your transcripts from Bac+3 to Bac+5 or equivalent (for Master’s or equivalent results, attach the documents in your possession. You can complete your file with your final results if you are invited to the auditions. The postponement of your exams does not prevent you from applying, even if they have been postponed to next September due to the pandemic.


The ED Council, anxious to make a selection taking into account the multidisciplinary nature of the Doctoral School, has set up commissions for each of the disciplinary sectors: SHS

These commissions operate in a homogenous manner and guarantee equal treatment of candidates selected for hearings. They are composed of the directors of the laboratories concerned or their representatives, and the representatives of the disciplinary sector on the EDSML Council.

The management of the EDSML shall attend all hearings. Its presence allows the EDSML to have a global view of the disciplines and ensures a real equality of treatment of the candidates. The thesis directors (and/or co-directors) attend the audition concerning their subject, and are therefore fully involved in the choice of their future doctoral student.

Candidates selected for the auditions will be informed by an email from the EDSML from June 2, 2020. No information will be communicated by telephone.

Auditions of candidates for EDSM thesis funding will take place between 14 and 25 June 2021.

During the audition, each candidate will have 10 mn of presentation (organized as he wishes, …) and 15 mn of interview with the jury. These auditions may be held by videoconference for candidates who are geographically distant. There is total equality of treatment of candidates, whether in person or by videoconference.

The results of these auditions will be communicated to you by e-mail, after decision of the Doctoral School Council which will meet in the first week of July 2021.

Successful candidates will have to confirm their acceptance and commitment as soon as possible (before 11 July 2021).

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