M.S. Graduate Research Assistantship – Inland Marine Shrimp Aquaculture

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By Milthon Lujan

Location: Frankfort, Kentucky
Company: Kentucky State University
Salary: $21,000/year, student is responsible for tuition and fees.

Qualifications: This is a Master of Science (MS) student Research Assistantship to support a M.S. student in the KSU Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences Program. A student must first be accepted into the M.S. academic program before qualifying for this position. This opportunity is open to US citizens and those with current legal ability to work in the US. The candidate should have a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, aquaculture, aquatic sciences, marine biology, fisheries, biological oceanography, or a related field.

Description: The primary research focus will be examining production characteristics of shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in various aquaculture systems. Shrimp are the number one most popular seafood item in the US, but over 80% of what we consume is imported frozen. Interest is growing in producing fresh, high-quality shrimp near inland markets. Research topics may include water quality, system management, aquaponics, microbial ecology, and aquatic ecology.

Specific duties will include but are not limited to system construction, water quality analysis, animal husbandry, data collection and analysis, report preparation, creating professional presentations, and publications.

Application for Graduate Studies at KSU:

Contact Name: Dr. Andrew Ray
Contact Phone: 502-597-8109
Contact Email:
Closing Date: April 10, 2017

Please contact Dr. Ray if you are interested in this position. The position is currently open and a candidate may start as soon as the 2017 Summer Semester.

The following video discusses some of the research being conducted in the Ray Lab:

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