Gov’t works to modernize fishing in Peru

Lima, Peru (Andina).- President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Monday affirmed Peru’s fishing sector has a great future ahead, thus further efforts are needed to modernize and formalize artisanal fishing activities in the South American country.

“In Peru, the fishing sector has a great future ahead. However, it faces many problems. Some were overcome, others are yet to be defeated,” the Head of State expressed.

“Among them, we know of fishing by factory vessels, which cross the 200 mile-limit, enter Peruvian waters, stock up and take the merchandise to remote places. We are working to change that,” he indicated.

The Head of State took part in the ceremony marking the signing of a World Bank Group US$40 million loan agreement with the Peruvian Government. Said fund will be allocated to the National Program for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture (PNIPA).

The amount will serve to finance up to 2,000 research, development and innovation projects.

Benefits are expected to reach out to 70,000 stakeholders, including companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, service providers and fishermen.

According to Peru’s top official, the loan will contribute to the expansion of “small operators comprised in the fishing-aquaculture sector.”

“We need to modernize it [the sector] and, based on that, formalize [artisanal fishing activities],” Mr. Kuczynski said in this sense.

The program’s cost stands at US$120.90 million, from which the Economy and Finance Ministry will contribute US$80.90 million. The project will be developed between 2017 and 2021.

The event took place at the Government Palace. It saw the presence of Ministers Bruno Giuffra (Production), Alfredo Thorne (Economy and Finance) and Alberto Rodriguez (World Bank Group Director for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela).

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