BioMar reinforces its sustainable profile within the organic shrimp market

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By Milthon Lujan

Guanacaste, Costa Rica.- The BioMar factory in Costa Rica has been certified to produce feed for organic farming of shrimp. With this initiative, BioMar takes another step in line with its plans to enter the global shrimp market. At the same time BioMar complements its shrimp feed range with a high quality value proposition to Central American shrimp farmers.


John Tinsley, Technical Director, BioMar Emerging Markets Central America, explains about this certification: “We are delighted to be fully certified under the European Union standard to produce organic shrimp feed at our factory in Costa Rica. It has been a great team effort from everyone at BioMar Costa Rica to reach this target.”

“As the shrimp industry is developing, producers in the region are looking towards organic production systems as a way to grow and differentiate and to fulfil increasing consumer demands. We are proud to be able to support their development plans and innovate aquaculture with our new shrimp feed ECOLIFE Exia for organic farming of shrimp and support shrimp farmers with technical expertise”, says John Tinsley.

Jorge Vargas, General Manager of BioMar Costa Rica, mentions that one of the cornerstones of BioMar’s philosophy is the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, ensuring that we can meet the needs of the present without compromising those of the future. He also points out that BioMar in Central America has established a local strategy for the coming years “A green factory in a green region”.

“ECOLIFE Exia, our feed for organic shrimp farming, comes to support our strategy by allowing us to provide a high quality product to the market and at the same time complement our range of extruded shrimp feeds. Central America has potential for value-added feeds and having a local feed supplier will allow for faster response and lower product inventories for the producers. We work continuously to deliver a product that delivers good results to our customers. If our customers succeed, so do we”, concludes Jorge Vargas.

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