Lima (Andina).- Between January and June 2017, fishery exports value and volume expanded 61.5% and 92.4%, respectively, Peru's National Fisheries Society (SNP) reported.

In such period, fishery product shipments totaled US$1.695 billion underpinned by fishmeal (+87.2%) and frozen products (+57.1%).

Exports of chilled fresh goods (+21.7%), canned products (+33.9%) and fish oil (+13.9%) also stood out in the analyzed period.

Target markets

China remains Peru's main trade partner by receiving 51.57% of total shipments, followed by the United States with 9.07%.

During the first six months, the Chinese market acquired fishmeal (US$747 million) and giant squid (US$28.7 million).

Other destinations for Peruvian fishery products were: Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Viet Nam, among others.