Rome, Italy.– Along its 46,000km coastline, the Mediterranean Sea supports around 150 million people living along its shores. The report Reviving the Economy of the Mediterranean Sea: Actions for a sustainable future, launched today, shows that the Mediterranean Sea plays a fundamental role in the region’s economy but that the sea’s underlying natural asset base – which supports much of the economy and community wellbeing – is eroding.

USA.- Increasing environmental uncertainty coupled with rapidly changing market conditions in the Gulf of Maine raise important questions about the ability of Maine’s commercial fishermen to adapt. How resilient is the industry to these shifting waters? Who is best positioned to adapt and who is most vulnerable?

Helsinki, Finland.- There’s more to fish than just food, and thorough use of fish parts benefits both traditional and circular economy. The full potential of fish-based added value products hasn’t yet been harnessed. Luke’s researchers give their view on how unused fish parts could be exploited.