En mayo del 2013 se realizó el “Aquaponics in Hawaii Conference”, evento organizado por la Hawaii Aquaculture and Aquaponics Association, Windward Community College, Career and Community Education y la College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR).

El seminario reunió a productores comerciales de acuaponía, productores urbanos, servicios de acuaponía y grupos de la comunidad sobre los desafíos y oportunidades de las operaciones de acuaponía en Hawai.

Durante el evento se presentaron conferencias sobre la acuaponía comercial en Hawai, la acuaponía urbana, los servicios de la acuaponia y de la acuaponía en la comunidad. Asimismo CTAHR presentó sus investigaciones en acuaponía.

Puede acceder a las presentaciones en:

Programa y presentaciones:

Commercial Aquaponics in Hawaii

- Oahu Aquaponic Farms

- Jason Brand, Kunia Country Farms, “Commercial Aquaponics in Hawaii.”

- Karen Ching, Iliili Farms, “Our Journey into Aquaponics.”

- Fred Lau, Mari’s Garden, “The future of commercial scale aquaponics.”

Urban Garden Aquaponics in Hawaii

- Brian Leonida, BnB Nursery, “Off grid Aquaponics and Aquaculture for a Homeowner on the Leeward Side of Oahu.”

- Rick White, “The challenges and rewards of Backyard Aquaponics – Building a simple greenhouse while making friends with your neighbors.”

- Albert Fung, Aquaponcs in Paradise, “The Growth of Backyard Aquaponics and the Future. Aquaponics in Paradise.”

- Rachel Watkins, Happyponics, “Denying The Myth Of “I don’t Have Enough Space and It Costs too Much,” Economical Small Backyard Aquaponics.”

Aquaponic Services

- Reyn Horner, Hapa Farms, “Considerations for choosing and maintaining your aquaponic system. Hapa Farms.”

- Travis Sato & Stan Kodama, Aquaponics Plus, “The Birth of a New Business in Waimanalo: Aquaponics Plus. Waimanalo Feed Supply/Aquaponics Plus.”

- Louis Primavera & Fred Mencher, Primavera Aquaponics, “Growing Vertical ” (Or service with a small footprint.)

- Glenn Martinez, Olomana Gardens, “Conserving Energy in Aquaponics.”

Aquaponics in The Community

- Ilima Ho-Lastimosa, God’s Country Waimanalo, “Ma Ka Hana Ka `Ike - How Hawaiians Learn, By Doing.”

- Tiffany Kawaguchi & Judith Dacanay, Hawaii State Hospital, “ Recovery Through Aquaponics: People, Purpose, and Possibilities. Hawaii State Hospital.”

- Lynn Fujioka & Verlie Ann Malina-Wright, ISIS Hawaii, “Ipu Waiwai Kula – ‘AE (Aquaponics in Education). ISIS Hawaii.”

- Susan Miller, Aquaponics Workforce Maui, “Hawaii: Hawaii Aquaponics Workforce Development (Maui): Toward University Based Technical Education in Industry-Recognized Standards-based Certification in Commercial Aquaponics."

CTAHR Aquaponic Research

- Luisa Castro, “Growing Food? Use Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) -It Matters.”

- Leina’ala Bright*, Kara Knight, Levon Ohai, Kamanamaikalani Beamer, Leticia Colmenares, Bradley K. Fox, RuthEllen Klinger-Bowen, Kathleen
McGovern-Hopkins and Clyde S. Tamaru, Hawaiian Studies/UH-CTAHR, “Comparison of ‘Ōlena Grown Aquaponically Verses in Soil.”

- Jari Sugano*, Jensen Uyeda, Koon-Hui Wang, Theodore Radovich, Clyde S.Tamaru and Bradley K. Fox, “Pest Identification and Sustainable Management Strategies.”

- Theodore Radovich*, Archana Pant, Amjad Ahmad, Kai Fox, Clyde S. Tamaru, Virginia Daly, Leina’ala Bright, Jensen Uyeda, Jari Sugano, “Evaluating the yield and quality of aquaponically grown pakchoi and beet varieties.”

- Harry Ako, “Research into technologies for Commercial Aquaponics.”

- Zhen Hu*, Jaewoo Li, Kartik Chandran, Sungpyo Kim, Clyde S. Tamaru and Samir Kumar Khanal, “Nitrogen Transformations in Aquaponic System.”

- Koon-Hui Wang* and Jane Tavares, “Are we ready for insecticide-free aquaponic system? ”

- Kanae Tokunaga, Clyde Tamaru*, Harry Ako, and PingSun Leung, “Assessment of the Economics of Commercial Aquaponics Operations in Hawaii."